About us

Voshe was registered as a limited company in 2011 by Dr Maziar Mohiti Asli and Dr Masoud Shirali in Tehran, following initial years of cooperation with farmers, world class researchers and the leading suppliers of biotechnological products. By growing its business, the Rasht city office was established to expand the range of products and R&D section.
In keeping with its business focus and the company charter, our activities are aimed primarily at the development, production and sales of a long range of feed additives and corresponding consultation services in animal husbandry.
The company operates in various fields of investment, establishment and development of agricultural production and agroprocessing industries at home country and abroad, also provides services to other companies and internal and external organizations. Likewise, due to the fact that Voshe considers training of human resources, to enhance the knowledge and productivity of managers and experts it organizes and holds advanced workshops in the field of agriculture, livestock and poultry production.

Animal Nutrition Research Team at University of Guilan is responsible for performing research and determine potential feed additives that could be launch to the market. Some of our activities are:
Analysis of phytogenics with GC-MS
Intestine simulation model
Bioprocess development
Drying and encapsulation technologies for products
Testing stability of products

University collaboration in Iran and worldwide: International Research Institutes and Universities