Captriacid - Acidifier Product

Captriacid is an optimal mixture of acetic, butyric and propionic acids which coated in a matrix of mono, di, and triglycerides and presented as microgranules. The use of these granules reduces the effects of acidic corrosion on cultured equipment, as well as the slow release of acids, resulting in a uniform acidification of the gastrointestinal tract and ultimately improves feed intake and growth performance. Organic acids placed on the surface of this matrix are released into the stomach, but organic acids that are deep in this matrix cannot be released thus enter the intestines. In the small intestine, the activity of lipase produced from the pancreas triggers the digestion of triglycerides and releases of organic acids, and gradually acidifies the environment, and when the pH is less than 5, lipase is inactive. As a result, the fat and organic acid complex is transferred to the next segment of intestine and there, again, these events are repeated, thus, all parts of the digestive system become almost acidic in the same way. Another advantage of this compound is that it does not disturb the pH of the digestive system, except in the ileum, even though products of free organic acids may heavily affect the pH of the initial parts of the digestive tract. Therefore, by using this coated organic acid complex, less acids can be used with higher efficacy in livestock and poultry feed.

Key components
Acetic, Butyric and Propionic acids along with a permeabilizer

White particle with good flowability

Reduce the population of gram-negative bacteria in the intestine
Reduce gastrointestinal infections in young chicks
High efficiency in reducing uniform pH of the intestine
Increasing the activity of digestive enzymes
Reducing dietary buffering properties
Increase nutrient utilization and improve feed conversion
Reduce corrosion in breeding equipment
Improve the quality of egg shell in laying hens
Reduce the moisture content of excreta and ammonia production

Suitable for poultry and all monogasteric animal feed

Recommended dosage:
Broilers 1 to 3 kg per ton of feed
Laying hens: 2 to 5 kg per ton of feed

Packed 4 kg in a laminated aluminum foil bag.

Stored 12 months with sealed packaging in a cool, dry and ventilated place.